more progress

2 October 2017 — Posted in drawing

October 2017









13 August 2017 — Posted in drawing

August 2017

These are / will be Installation – Tunguska & Installation – Baikal


The sculpture project is ongoing.

Things in Hungary

13 July 2017 — Posted in foreign adventure

July 2017

The remains of some sort of thermal spa


House of Kata

biking adventure

23 June 2017 — Posted in foreign adventure

This was a very good preliminary biking / exploring adventure
June 2017

First there was “record breaking heat wave” then there was a very large lightning storm With Hail!!


And then there was Down.

Fort Point Spring Open Studios

20 May 2017 — Posted in event,space

The Arrangement
May 2017

The Station Prints, With Gold – Kettő, H Di. A03, Rdvik – KF8


With Gold – Kettő, H Di. A03, Rdvik – KF8, Rdvik – 77F8, Rdvik – S171, Rdvik – 9N

Things in Utah

3 March 2017 — Posted in space

things In utah

Antelope Island

Also Antelope Island

The Salt Lake